Kanstul Mouthpiece Comparator









The Kanstul Mouthpiece Comparator represents the first time an interactive process, by which musicians may compare different mouthpieces, has been made available to the entire community of brass players.

Manufacturers have, for many years, relied upon a variety of comparative processes through which they have evaluated the physical dimensions and characteristics of different mouthpieces. Drawings on onion skin paper have long been used to achieve an overlay. Plastic, rubber, and lead casts of mouthpieces have been examined using optical comparators, and drawing dimensions have likewise served as the basis for comparisons in the past. The Kanstul Mouthpiece Comparator is the first interactive tool available to musicians by which mouthpieces may be quickly compared.

Every profile in the Kanstul Digital Library has been derived through digitized scanning of actual mouthpieces. Visit our Digital Scanning and Precision Computer Machining pages for a better understanding of these processes. Kanstul invites any manufacturer who whishes to add their mouthpieces to The Mouthpiece Comparator to contact Jim at Mouthpieces@Kanstul.net

Be sure to bookmark the Kanstul site and watch for updates. Kanstul has also developed a process by which a musician may have his personal mouthpiece scanned, then recieve a computer file which will enable him to overlay his own mouthpiece over the hundreds of others in the Kanstul Digital Library.

This remarkable technology allows Kanstul to offer the most comprehensive mouthpiece duplication and modification sevice available today. For the first time ever Backbores can now be duplicated as well as cups and rims. For information contact Jim at Mouthpieces@Kanstul.net


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