Kanstul Mouthpiece Comparator - click here

The following page contains an interactive site where you may overlay the rim and cup contour of one mouthpiece over another. Each mouthpiece image is a digital scan of an origional manufacturers mouthpiece. All have been reproduced are available in stock at Kanstul.

Instructions for use:

        A. First - click on an item from Menu "A"

        B. Second - click on an item from Menu "B"

        C. Third - drag item "B" over item "A" until they line up.

        D. If you wish to view only one image, click on the words "Menu B" - only one item from "Menu A" will show .

        E. If you wish to print, use your "Print Screen" button, then paste into any graphics editor such as Paint, change the background color to white and print. (Mac users - Hold down "Command + Shift+ 3 ", this creates a file named "picture 1 " which you can open and print)


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